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As Certified Long-Term Care professionals since 2003, and members of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, both Sue and Allison have the training, knowledge, and experience to help you understand your options.   


With over 20 years of experience, both women are committed to ensuring that their client’s long-term care needs are met while their wealth is protected.

Sue Myers, CLTC
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Allison Younger, CLTC


Why should I choose a professional with a CLTC designation?

CLTC graduates have completed a rigorous multidisciplinary course that focuses on the profession of long-term planning, giving them the skills to ask the right questions, craft the right plan and work with other professionals to implement it.


About Sue

A Certified Long-Term Care professional since 2003, Sue has seen firsthand not only with her own parents, but through years of providing service to her clients, the difference a long-term care plan can make to a family.  Her role is to both educate and advise her clients in designing a plan based upon their own unique situation.  She has learned what aspects of a plan are most valuable, and this knowledge is especially helpful when advising clients during the decision making process.  Experience with a variety of policies, including both traditional and asset-based solutions, enables Sue to design a long-term care plan that will best meet their needs.

Sue and her husband have made their home in Houston, TX for the past 30 years, but will soon be trading the city life for a more relaxed life in Wyoming. They're both avid sports fans, and enjoy traveling around the country to places they've never been.

NIPR:  1071588

Licensed : CA (0N12054), FL, GA, NC, TN, TX (649321)

About Allison

With over 30 years in the insurance industry, Allison has accumulated the knowledge and experience to help others. As a Certified Long Term Care (CLTC) Professional since 2003, Allison is committed to helping families plan ahead for the emotional and financial consequences of a long-term care event. Her passion to help others comes from experiencing the need for extended care in her own family.  Allison’s goal is to help clients fully understand how long-term care insurance works and how a plan can provide the funds to pay for care whether at home or in a facility. She represents the top LTC carriers which allows her to help design a plan that best meets a family’s needs and budget.

Allison Younger is a 5th generation Houstonian and graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Finance. She and her husband enjoy family time together whether at home or on the beach in Galveston.

NIPR: 1072224
Licensed in: CA (0N12067), FL, GA, NC, TN, TX (#650096)