4 Steps To Achieving Your Goals

I’m not even sure if I'm going to set New Year's goals this year. I mean what's the point! I never seem to follow through. I always break them and it's frustrating and I feel disappointed in myself. So maybe it would be easier if I just didn't set any goals or New Year's resolutions.~ Linda

Linda was frustrated and who can blame her. But the truth is she's not alone. Most people break their New Year's resolutions within the first month. In fact, 25 percent of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after one week.

We're lucky if we can make it a whole 30 days. If we can, studies show our chances are better that we will stick with our goals. So how can you change that? How can you set goals and actually achieve them?

1.Be Specific

Often our goals and resolutions are too vague. Our New Year's resolutions might read something like this:

I'm going to start going to the gym

This year I'm going to take up yoga

I'm going to finally quit smoking

I'm going to Triple my income or maybe I want to save more money this year

There's no explanation of how you're going to do these things.Furthermore you have not suggested when you're going to do these things, just in the next year. Let’s face it. These goals are too vague. It’s no wonder you have had trouble achieving your goals. Instead, this year, break the bigger goal in to smaller more manageable goals.

2.Set Quarterly Expectations

If you want to start working out again set of goal that you will go at least 1 time to the gym each week during the months of January February and March. Or maybe you will start walking once or twice a week. This is a goal that is measurable. Your yearly goal may be to work out three times a week. By starting smaller and with a shorter end date you will be much more likely to accomplish the mission.

You need to be especially specific with money goals. You need to state how that's going to happen. Are you going to work more hours? Will you get a second job? Will you give up going out to eat or something else in order to save? You really have to have a plan.

If you want to quit smoking set a goal to research different methods for quitting and set a goal to start a new program by the end of January.

3.Hire a Professional To Help, Join A Group or Find A Like Minded Friend Who Will Help

If your goals are business-related you may need a business or career coach. There are all kinds of business groups online that might be able to help you grow your business. Need help with marketing or social media? There are plenty of groups for these things. Join one that has a focus on your industry. Need help staying on track? Many business coaches offer group programs to help hold people accountable. Or you may choose to work one on one.

Is weight loss or health your goal this year? Find a coach that specializes in weight loss. Join something like Weight Watchers Online or go to an offline group if that works better for you. You may want to hire a fitness trainer, if getting in better shape is your goal. Sometimes we need that little extra push to do what we know needs to be done.

Get together with a like minded friend who has similar goals. See how you can motivate one another. It doesn’t even have to be with someone who lives close to you.

My brother and I are really good at motivating each other. He stayed with me when he was working in Houston for about a month this summer. We started walking together. When he moved back home to Dallas we decided to continue. One of us will text the other one when we're headed out walking. And the other one calls to say that they're walking also. We talk about what is going on and about our goals. I feel I am letting him down if I have to miss a few days. So it keeps me going. Of course we do miss some days. But it keeps us on track. I'm walking a lot more than I did before I started with my brother. ~ Kay

4.Yep, You Really Do Need To Write Them Down

You've heard it time and time again, write down your goals. So why does it make a difference if I write them down?

  1. It will force you to get really clear about your goals. What do you really want? Why do you want it? What will it mean to you when you have accomplished this goal?

  2. Having your goal written down will help motivate you to take action. After all intention without action will take you nowhere.

  3. Written goals will help you stay on track.Let's face it whether your goals are business-related are personal it's easy to get sidetracked. Having your goals written down and posting them where you see them everyday can help you to stay on track with what you intended to accomplish. Oh we'll all go down the rabbit hole now and then but when your goals have been written down you'll catch yourself halfway down and be able to come back moving towards your goal once again.

  4. Overcome resistance- Every goal will encounter resistance from time to time a written goal will be able to push back against that resistance.

  5. You will be able to see and celebrate your achievements.

As Certified Long-Term Care professionals since 2003, and members of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, both Sue and Allison have the training, knowledge, and experience to help you understand your options.

Sue Myers and Allison Younger

With over 20 years of experience, both women are committed to ensuring that their client’s long-term care needs are met while their wealth is protected.


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